Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Canada and beyond

When last we checked in we were getting ready to say ado to  Montana and head north, that`s Canada for the geographically challenged.  So hereforth comes a pictorial essay....  remember you must always stop and smell the flowers.

If you haven`t made a trip north of the boarder, especially to the Banff area we highly recommend it.

Of course, if you make your way off the beaten track you never know what you will find........
The road from Banff to Jasper is roughly 180 miles and simply put is amazing......
notice a family resemblence

Thirty four days into a roadtrip and we are discovering a whole new world, something very different from the high seas.

the girls on a break

        the road to Jasper

Where to next Chula, guess it is off to Washington state to see what we can see... 
Port Townsend, WA

Building boats is more than a hobby in Washington......

Pikes Place Market
a moment alone
My Island

 The Tetons

Forty days and forty nights on the road and we are turning south, heading for the barn.  Catching up with folks on land has been the main objective of this trip so we head for UT to see the Browne girls.  Of course we went through Boise to say hey, while we missed Shane we did get to see some folks juming off a rather HIGH highway bridge, fortunately the two guys were wearing parachutes.  Unfortunately we did not get any pictures, just managed to pull oer in time to see them launch themseleves into space and folks say were not normal.

the Browne girls

If you are heading to the Salt Lake City area this winter and want to be close to the mountains but not at a big hotel, the cabin to the right is for rent.  It is the real deal, LOG CABIN and comes with its own bathroom and kitchenette.  Send us a note if you are interested and we will forward to Cindy.

Its off to Bryce Canyon for some sight seeing,  first up is Red Canyon.
Scenes from Bryce Canyon

     what remains after a fire

Although driving is easier, taking a trail ride through the canyon is awesome.  After four hours in the saddle we loaded up the car and headed for Pheonix, we did not say we were very bright.  At least the car seats are soft.  So 45 days on the road and we are back in AZ.  It has been a month since our return, with one week in TX to check on BOTO.  We are busy renovating the condo, the outside tile is all done, now for the inside. Take care for now.