Sunday, August 2, 2009

July 2009 Corpus ChristiSail Part Deux

With a more civilized start to the day (7/20), we tossed off the lines at 1000 and once again ventured onto the Corpus Christi Bay. With 20kt winds gusting to 30 out of the south we were in for a great day of sailing. Making 5 to 6 kts (that's about 6mph) we were able to shut down the engine and sail the 20nm to Port Aransas (PA). Making an early day of it there was plenty of time to clean up, even the girls had showers (albeit somewhat reluctantly).

Given the harshness of the sailing life, what with A/C, cold beer, warm food and beautiful weather; we opted to spend a few days in PA and fix a few things that had broken. With the new windlass (the mechanical thingy that lifts the anchor so Ed doesn't have to) controls installed and the generator running (for the time being) as well as a few more good meals in us we were ready to head out again on the 23rd.

Rise and shine, 0600 comes quickly. The weather man got the wind direction right today, however he was a little off when it came to the force. Instead of the 10-15kts SSE we were promised we had 0-5kts. Oh well, motor sailing isn't all that bad. After a choppy start to the day the GOM (Gulf of Mexico) flattened out, the proverbial piece of glass. Ten hours and 60nm later we find ourselves anchored in 15ft of water 100yds from a very pretty stretch of beach in Matagorda Bay (28'25.923N, 96'20.847W). A great meal aboard Indulgence was followed by a beautiful night sky of a million stars. Oh yeah, the genset crapped out so no AC this night. Thankfully we had some breeze.

The 24th finds us once again at the Bridge Harbor Marina in Freeport after another 60nm day on the GOM. With the new windlass controls the anchor came up this morning without the accompaniment of grunts and groans. As with most of the trip we are escorted by dolphins. On this leg we get to watch them play in the waves and at one point watch as they dine on the smaller folks in the sea. As we approach Freeport the temp begins to drop as a thunderstorm rolls through sprinkling us with some rain but not much else. We tied up alongside at 1730, with a cocktail in hand, waiting our turns for the showers, then steaks and bed. Tomorrow we head home.

Saturday the 25th brought us a great sunrise as well as more of the same winds. We finally made the Galveston Channel at 1330 and were greeted by a pod of dolphins therein. After a nice sail up the Bay, managing to avoid a number of the larger ships, we are tied up at our home dock. Lesson learned on this leg is to always be alert, even after the boat is docked and the lines are made fast, because you can still find yourself "going in"... just ask Ed as he treads water next to Boto waiting for a hand out.