Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On Land again

Bus stop bench Nashille, TN

Back on land, and the work seems to never end.  It seems we aquired and or brought with us a lot of STUFF.  We have been giving away spares, widgets and dodads for the last few months.  What we do not need and did not donate is finding its way to the FREE pile at the marina.  If it does not get grabbed there, its off to the garbage.  Slowly we are getting back to being land based.

We do have a new wrinkle in our life, it is our computer.  Apparently the machine does not like being back ashore, as it is slowly falling apart.  Any idea which letters you use most frequently, or which punctuation you use the most.  I would form this last sentence as a question, except our `question mark` no longer works.  Nor for that matter does the `close parenthesis`,  the numeral zero, the open bracket or the letters `p` or `v`.  You likely have realized by now that the quotation marks do not work either.  So we do what we have done for three years, adapt, improvise and overcome.  Of course it would be easier if we could find someone who could fix the keyboard, or we could buy a new one, after all we are back in the disposable economy.  Hey whats a little cut and paste to bring our words to the people.  Of course without the letter  `v`, the pasting is a little more troublesome.
Uncle paul with our
welcome home poem

on the water again, Kemah, TX
We have caught up with a lot of folks and told a lot of tales but after a few months ashore we were ready to set off again.

As for BOTO, she is gleaming and looking good.  She has had some interested buyers stroll by but no takers as of yet, so we have left her in the capable hands of the folks at Texas Coast Yachts while we embark on a road trip.

While the last three years has been an introduction into a new life style, the last few months has found us searching for a new home base while exploring the wonders of Americana found along the highways and biways.  So keep and eye out here, there may not be as many pretty white beaches but we will be on the look out for the worlds largest pig hairball, reported to reside in St. Benedict, OR.  Of course there will be an update on the worlds largest ball of twine, Darwin, MN. 
that is one big tomato
Jacksonille, AR

As on the water as to the road, you never know what you may come across, a Pilgram or maybe a Doctor. 

just can`t decide where to settle down
We try not to offer unsolicited advice, however we have learned a few things that may help one make it through the day.  Remember, there is always Hope and it is usually closer than you think.  If you  keep an open mind as you travel through life Friendship may be just around the corner.

For those that have spent any time around her, you will be familiar with the Chula stretch.  Chula has earned her keep on the road doing a little modeling.
Little Rock, AR
Of course any visit to Memphis, TN must include a stop to where so much music was born.


Of course we ate well ....

a big shout out to our friends North of the border......

...and YES, there was a GIANT PINK ELEPHANT!

We have seen many tourist attractions throughout the world, this one in Nashville, TN truely rises to the occassion.  It allows friends and family to mingle in a fun filled environment, while observing strict safety standards and maintaining that all important hydration level.

The Pedal Tavern
note the rain ponchos and helmets
While music is alive and well in Memphis, one can still swing it with the king in Nashville.

swing those hips girl

Mr Ed, of course

Honky Tonk Hero`s
can you name them all....
Well, we bid ado to the music of TN, however, it being mid July we had to make one more stop before leaving.

Back on the road again, as we continue to make way we come across amazing sights, we have seen Land sharks and Giant Monkeys, we even stopped to visit with Jay and Duke for awhile.
after all Fay, Virginia is for lovers

Chestnut Hill, TN
Off to New England and the great state of Maine where oddly enough we come across numerous cruising sailboats, guess they are not all in the Caribbean.  Perhaps we are nuts but we thought Maine would be a nice change from the tropics.  Of course there is the small issue of the winters! But then what price to live inside a postcard.

Yes, on the road once again, there was a lot of Willy played on this trip.  Across Canada to WI for a visit with the crew of GYPSY MOON, Beth and Wayne last seen in the Bahamas.

Wayne, Vicky and Beth
overlooking Lake Michigan

the wind blows hard on Lake Michigan

Now, for some record book items compliments of Minnesota.

Worlds largest Otter

Worlds largest Sand Crane

Bessie, Worlds largest Heffer

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Although the US has become rather congested around its coastline states, it is good to know that there are still areas where the horses run wild not to mention the Bison.  That is correct Bison, we have been educated during our travels.  In North America we have Bison not Buffalo.  Regardless of what you call them they are BIG and fast.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Medora, ND

Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Medora, ND

Bride and Groom
this was a cowboy wedding

We say our farewells to the big shaggy`s and make our way to MT.  We are on schedule for the only scheduled portion of the trip which is the wedding of Aug 4 and the subsequent family reunion.

Vicky and Tommy, the father of the bride
With the festivities behind us it is off to Glacier National Park, MT.

So here we are as usual behind on events and dates, or visa versa.  Anyway, to this point we are 25 days into our roadtrip with another twenty odd days to come.  So check back with us, we have some wonderful pics to share as well as some more oddities.  Take care for now.

Oh, almost forgot, the worlds largest ball of twine now resides in its very own museum.  Built especially to preserve the ball while still allowing for its admiration.  Stop by Darwin, MN and give it a look see.